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EQUINE RECORDS is a program written to ease the task of keeping records for one or multiple horses. It makes record keeping quick and easy. With the simple single entry method one can easily track and print Expenses, Training, Vet, Farrier, Pedigrees (5 generations), Stallion and Breeding Reports, Student Records, store your favorite Photos, create and print Invoices. It also has a Reminders section and Address Book. Invoices and reports are printed in an easy to read format.

QUICK PLANNING is a powerful Itinerary Planner written to allow the user to determine local takeoff or landing times for various aircraft. 80% probability winds are stored, but can be modified during planning. It has the unique advantage of allowing an individual to "talk" completely in local times. All corporate jet aircraft are stored in the database. Available for Windows PC, iPhone and iPad. One can easily edit or add to the database of over 6800 airports.

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